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07 December 2006 @ 07:30 pm
Well, I think my transition is pretty much complete.
I've made the switch to myspace and have started blogging on there. Nothing against LJ, but a change is good once in a while. Mainly, I went over there because I know most of the people on my friends list in real life. Some of you have joined me, but if you haven't and you would like to, please add me. www.myspace.com/dougiedoug828

I'm not deleting my LJ account (at least until I can figure out how to save all my entries on my computer..All the stuff I've found doesn't work on MAC's)
16 November 2006 @ 04:06 pm

This is unbelievable!!! Almost too amazing to be true, but there are multiple clips of different instances of him doing this. Wow, I'm shocked...

Also, Justin Timberlake has got some balls now, doesn't he? Check out some of his lyrics from the new track "Give It To Me" which is going to be on Timbaland's upcoming album

Could you speak up and stop mumbling
I dont think you're even clear
When you're sitting on the top
it's hard to hear you from way up there.
I saw you tryin to act cute on TV
"Just let me clear the air."
We missed you on the charts last week
Damn that's right, you wasn't there
Now if sexy never left
then why is everybody on my shit
Don't hate on me just because
you didn't come up with it
So if you see us in the club
go on and walk the other way
Cause our run will never be over
not at least until we say

The first part is directed towards Janet Jackson because she was on some talk show (I forgot which) and was explaining how she hasn't talked to Justin since Nipplegate and used the phrase "Just Let Me Clear The Air"

The second part of the verse is directed towards Prince who said something about "sexy"

Whoa..I can understand dissing Janet, but dissing Prince? Whoa! That's walking on some thin ice!!!

As for the song itself..I wasn't too impressed...Timbaland's sound seemed really fresh 10 years ago, but doesn't excite me anymore.
04 November 2006 @ 10:38 pm

This song is the JAM!!!! It's amazing what you can find on the internet!
10 October 2006 @ 04:51 pm
In my previous post, I forgot to mention the thing that bugged me most about Heroes. This, beyond anything else, is what leads me to lose confidence in the producers. At the beginning of the little opening montage, they say "5 people have discovered their powers"..They show pictures of Claire, Niki, Matt, Peter, and Hiro. But right after that they say "from the artist that can paint the future to...." The artist that can paint the future is Isaac and is not one of the 5 people you just told us are discovering their powers. Yes, I'm just nitpicking, but why did they even have to say 5 people. Why couldn't they just say people? Like I said, it's stuff like this that is causing me to be real cynical about this show.

In other news, the premiere of Battlestar Galactica blew me away. It's amazing how they keep re-inventing the show and doing it so believable. It was announced today that the creators are going to be working on a re-telling of The Bionic Woman...I'm there!!!
10 October 2006 @ 12:25 pm
I feel the need to say that I'm disappointed with the Fall TV season. It seemed like there were so many shows that were going to air that it was going to be impossible to keep up with them all. Just about everything has disappointed me. Prison Break is the only show that I can honestly say hasn't let me down. I was expecting season 2 to suck as we followed the escapees around the country but I find it easier to follow and just slightly less ludicrous. I'm not happy they killed Tweener last week, but he really didn't have much more function to the story so I can forgive them. Heroes didn't disappoint me until last night. I have some major questions about plot holes that I'm already seeing. I'm worried that these questions aren't going to ever get answered and they're just things that will never make sense. Some people get frustrated with Lost, but I really don't. Yes, I wish the plot would move faster, but I'm enjoying the ride. The difference between Lost and Heroes is that I feel the producers of Lost are smarter than those of Heroes. That's a really bad impression to have of Heroes after only 3 episodes, but I can't help it. I don't mind things being a mystery (like Lost) and everything not being tidied up each week. But like I said, with Heroes I find things that just don't make sense and I worry that they won't be answered. I wanted to write my questions down here so I can come back and look at them later.

1. Hiro and the time travel....Anytime anything features time travel, I always can think of holes in the story. (except for Back To The Future which was done excellent). I guess Hiro figured out how to teleport back to the same time he left. Did he teleport back to the same point and wait 2 days to contact his friend or did he teleport 2 days into the future? Was this on purpose?? My biggest problem with the story is this: He believes he has to do the events in the comic book..OK, I get that...But does he think that he makes the future and the comic book just depicts what is happening to him, or does he believe that he has to follow the comic book? In one scene last night, he says that every action they do changes the future. OK, but then why was he so insistent on getting that exact car because the comic book said he got that one? This is what I choose to believe about the storyline: The comic book gave him direction and he believes there are greater forces at work and that he must stop the explosion in 5 weeks. People were worried that he would become an annoying character and last night that's exactly what he became to me.

2. The stripper.....Someone put a map in her trunk. When she goes there to bury the bodies, she sees a man that her ex-husband supposedly killed. If her alter-ego gave her the map, then wouldn't that mean that her alter ego knew about the murder and wanted her to figure it out. If her alter-ego knew about it, then wouldn't she have known about it too? Unless she had episodes of blackouts in the past, I find this impossible. And she takes Michah to his grandmother's and then about 5 minutes later yells that she wants her out of his life...Well, then why did you bring him there in the first place???

3. And Syler......How did the female cop know that was Syler right away? Whatever!!! That was in San Francisco...But in New York, Syler's hideout was cleared after Mohinder found it. Is Syler working with more than 1 person? Is Claire's father working with him too? Or can he teleport also?

Like I said, it's a bad feeling to have that these questions will never get answered. With all that being said, I am really enjoying the show and it is my favorite new show of the season.
Here's a night by night breakdown of my TV week.

Everybody Hates Chris
The Class...not great, but I do enjoy it..I like the idea of a sitcom where actions have reprucssions and each episode leads into the next.
Prison Break
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip--I can see this getting old really quick if each episode focuses on the filming of one episode of the show, but I like the dialogue a lot and it's a very smart show... I hope it lasts because I think there's a lot of places they can go. And Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet are GREAT!!! Who knew??
What About Brian--I'm sure this will be cancelled soon, but I liked it last year and I'll stick with it this season.

Friday Night Lights..Also won't last much longer. I wasn't as crazy about the pilot as most critics were, but I do like the small town concept.
Veronica Mars--DUH!!! Even though the season premiere seemed like a completely different show...I understand why it was done like that (to attract Gilmore Girls viewers)...I have nothing but the utmost confidence in Rob Thomas. I think The CW has much bigger problems than the so-so ratings on this, so I think we'll definitely get a full season 3.
Nip/Tuck--After a slow start, the season is really starting to pick up.

Jericho--I love the concept but I fear that this will devolve into disaster of the week territory..I'm with it for now though.
America's Next Top Model
Biggest Loser--Just to make fun of and laugh at!
The Nine--I was really disappointed with the pilot..It wasn't what I was expecting. I still have hope though.
Project Runway/Top Chef

Ugly Betty--I don't think it's as great as some people think, but I thought the 2nd episode was much better than the first.
My Name Is Earl
Grey's Anatomy
Drawn Together

Battlestar Galactica (Last night I tried to explain the concept of the show to Charles in as simple as possible terms. He said it was too much to absorb but sounds very interesting. I agree with him when he said that the show sounds intimidating)
Degrassi:The Next Generation (Yay!!! It's about time we got to see the episodes before Canada...Even though this is a little strange because it is a Canadian show)

Amazing Race
Desperate Housewives..I'm very close to giving up on this and Eva Longoria is the only reason why I haven't stopped yet

I'm Tivo'ing all the episodes of Vanished but I will not watch them unless they announce that it's getting a full season and the mystery will have answers
I watched the pilot of Kidnapped and thought it was good, but I stopped as soon as the ratings were announced...I didn't want to get burned. They have announced that it will get 13 episodes and the mystery will be solved, but I don't want to bother.
I thought Smith was a horrible show but I was surprised it was the first to get cancelled. The plot moved slower than a snail. What a waste of a good concept and good actors.
I sort of enjoyed the pilot of Runaway, but the ratings were horrible also. I think I'll continue to Tivo it for now.
I gave up on Six Degrees, Men In Trees, Brothers and Sisters, Justice (another waste of excellent actors and a good concept)..I really wanted to like Brothers and Sisters and Justice because I love the cast, but they didn't do it for me.
I'm giving 30 Rock a shot this week, but based on the reviews, my expectations are pretty low.
I'm also looking forward to the crop of quiz game shows premiering soon..But I'm sure they'll probably all suck.

I also Tivo the entire series of Scrubs (which re-airs 2 episodes daily on Comedy Central)..I'm almost done watching the first season, and I have to say that it's improving as the season goes on. It's not laugh out loud funny to me, but I'm really invested in the characters.
After I watch all of Scrubs (in about 10 weeks), I'm going to start Tivo'ing all of Family Guy...Too many people have told me that I'll love it for me to not at least give it a shot.
...And of course I Tivo General Hospital daily...Good TV to have on while I make dinner.

So, I think my TV weeks is mostly manageable now. Throw in some of the cable reality shows (Flavor Of Love, House Of Carters, Ice T Rap School, Breaking Bonaduce) and I have a well balanced diet of televison watching.
10 September 2006 @ 09:00 am

If any of you don't know, ABC has had an online Lost "experience" all summer. I haven't been following it, but this is a video of all 70 clips spliced together into a cohesive story.

I remember an interview with the creators in which they said that the numbers have no actual meaning. That makes me think that they are making the story up as they go along, which defintiely isn't a good thing.

Nevertheless, this video reveals A LOT. I wonder if it's going to be discussed on the show, because this is really important information.
02 September 2006 @ 09:33 pm
My new celebrity crush:


He plays a cop on Blade:The Series, and in next week's episode he has some stubble on his face and looks even hotter.

When I looked him up online, I saw that he also played a psychiatrist on General Hospital last summer. I wasn't a dedicated viewer then like I am now, but I do remember seeing a hot guy on there last summer. I'm not surprised it was him.

P.S. The reason why I'm actually posting twice in one day is because Charles is in Arkansas visiting this weekend.
02 September 2006 @ 07:15 pm
Because I'm bored and I like to check my play counts on itunes, I figured I'd share with you my top 25 "most played" list. If you don't have any of these songs, download them or respond and I'll be happy to email them to you!!! Or better yet, wait until you get our Christmas CD..I'm sure most of these will be on there.

1. Justin Timberlake-Sexy Back
2. The 88-Nobody Cares
3. Eject-Clementine
4. Cobra Starship- Snakes On A Plane
5. Lady Sovereign-Love Me Or Hate Me
6. Pink- Who Knew
7. Sarah Bettens-Come Over Here
8. Stefy-Chelsea
9. Ashlee Simpson f. Missy Elliot- L.O.V.E. (remix)
10. Def Leppard- Rock On
11. Hard-Fi- Cash Machine
12. The Heart Attack-Right Now
13. Lost Prophets- Rooftop
14. Regina Spektor-FIdelity
15. Roisin Murphy-Ramalama (bang bang)
16. Big City Rock-Human
17. Boy Kill Boy-Suzie
18. Dirtie Blonde- Walk Over Me
19. Ellie Lawson-Gotta Get Up From Here
20. Lady Sovereign- Random
21. Panic At The Disco- But It's Better If You Do
22. Raconteurs-Steady As She Goes
23. Snow Patrol- Hands Open
24. Temposhark- Paris
25. Ashley Parker Angel- Shades Of Blue
24 August 2006 @ 07:31 pm
I honestly was expecting to dislike the new Outkast album "Idlewild"...However on the first listen, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. It's far from a classic, like their first 3 albums, but it's better than Speakerboxx/The Love Below. I think it's funny that CDDB lists Big Boi as the artist on some songs, Andre 3000 on others, and Outkast on the remaining songs. Definitely doesn't do anything to dispel those breakup rumors. And the album does seem like a compilation rather than a cohesive album. Once again, on this album Big Boi shines much brighter than Andre 3000. And of course, I already deleted the 6 short interludes from my library. What's the point of them anyway??? In conclusion, Outkast remain my favorite rap group of all time..After 12 years and 6 albums, they showed that they still are willing to experiment and make creative and dynamic music.

In other hip hop news, I downloaded a new MC Lyte song that is produced by DJ Premier (my favorite rap producer of all time)...The song definitely takes me back to the golden era of hip hop...1991-1993. Ahh the good 'ol days...Naughty By Nature, Onyx, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Gang Starr, Souls Of Mischeif, Pharcyde, Lords Of The Underground, Ice Cube (the gangsta one, not the terrible one around now), Ice-T
12 August 2006 @ 09:57 pm

Check out this link. It gives some links to the final 8 on Rock Star:Supernova on Youtube. It gives links to performances and videos of theirs before the show began. My favorite's is Ryan's. Great cover of a Nine Inch Nails song..I have read some people compare him to Trent Reznor and I didn't really see it until watching this performance. Magni's made me laugh, and Zayra's was WAY better than anything she's done on the show. Dilana's was different, that's all I say.

Since we're at about the halfway point of the show, here's my rankings of who is left:
8. Patrice---She has that deer in headlights look down. The only time she impressed me was when she did Radiohead's "My Iron Lung"
7. Zayra--Don't get me wrong, she's horrible and has no chance of winning, but I rank her above Patrice just because she's so damn interesting.
6. Magni--ZERO chemistry and stage presence but does have a good voice. HIs performance of Live's "The Dolphin's Cry" was by far his best.
5. Ryan--I didn't like him at all in the beginning, but he's defnitely the most improved of the competition.
4. Lukas--He has amazing stage presence (except when he just walked back and forth during that Hole song), but I almost never could understand what he is saying. He might sound amazing in the studio though.
3. Storm--She has been versatile with her rock songs and slow songs..I still think she's going to win.
2. Toby--When he's on, he's really ON!
1. Dilana---She's incredible..I honestly think she's too good for the band Supernova. They never said one negative thing about her so she has an excellent shot at winning also. Her and Jordis Unga need to do a duet!

In other news, Charles and I saw Pulse today. I told myself I would never see a remake of a Japanese horror film ever again, but we had to see this because Kristen Bell was in it. (She was rushed the hospital yesterday because she slammed her hand in the car door, but don't worry: She's OK) About the movie..I thought it was pretty bad. It was what I expected though..I left the movie saying I would NEVER go see a Japanese remake ever again, and Charles asked me if I would go see one if James Gandolfini was in it. I said "Only if there's a nude scene with him".

I bought a bottle of the Kelly Clarkson Focus Vitamin Water and of course I'm crazy and am going to save the label. Charles was talking in his sleep last night which woke me, and he said "I like Vitamin Water...Isn't Clay getting his own? Oh nevermind" Hee hee hee!!!

Buying baby clothes is fun! My friend Manisha is due next month and we bought her 4 outfits today (one for 3 months, one for 6 months, one for 12 months, and one for 18 months).

Can you believe that the first new series of the Fall (Prison Break) premieres next Monday? I watched SOOO much TV over the summer. I thought I was going to get caught up on some of the DVD's I have, but there was just so much to watch. I'll be writing up my annual fall preview pretty soon. Seems like there's a lot of good stuff this season.

Our podcast is up to 34 subscribers. Itunes has us a featured podcast when you search for reality TV. I really want to do something to improve the sound quality. I feel it is our duty. We had a lot of fun this week talking about Flavor Of Love..What a deliciously trashy show! I got Charles hooked now even though he didn't really want to watch.